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smoke break

skullfaced_ in uni2008

Hey  I am just wondering, out of everyone that has applied via UCAS, which uni is taking the longest to reply and which has been the quickest?!


For me Bangor were the quickest, within 2 weeks if I remember correctly, and Swansea were the longest as they wanted an interview.
The only one I haven't heard from now is St Andrew's.
Nottingham got back to me first, Cambridge last.
for me sussex is taking ages!
I'm with medicine, so it's all slow, but imperial didn't even acknowledge my application, when everyone else did.
Leeds were lovely!
For me, I heard from Royal Holloway first and only just heard back from Warwick today, so they took the longest. The overall order was: RHUL, Sussex, UCL, Bristol, Warwick :)
its odd because UCL were one of the first to reply to me ans sussex... well still nothing!
hmm! I suppose it depends what you were applying for, since faculties deal with applications separately. I was applying for english lit..
it probably also depends on what their actual response is. like, if they're definitely going to accept or reject you, they'll probably get back to you more quickly than if they're undecided and want to wait to compare you with other applicants. In my case, it seems like the more competitive the course, the longer it took to hear from them. Apart from UCL, but they rejected me :P
Just wondering, in general, hve you found that the unis that take the longest to reply, have been bearers of good news or bad news?!
UCL rejected me too haha
Nottingham took a month, Cardiff and Birmingham (same day) took six weeks, Exeter nearly two months for me: still waiting for Southampton. I'm applying for English and German, so it has to go across two departments, I think.
UCL have only just given out their offers!

March 2008

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